Billy and Paul sit down with new podcast host Richard Swan to discuss all the exciting changes that are happening to the podcast.  This Week In Property has a new voice in the driver’s seat, a new format and structure, and an exciting future ahead to delivery quality information to our many listeners.

  • Format changes coming
  • Hello to Richard
  • Idea sex
  • Helping others
  • Controversy
  • Social media
  • Networking events
  • What is possible?




Billy: Hello ladies and gents Billy Farrell here along with Paul McFadden and special guest Richard Swan, welcome to This Week In Property Podcast. Now, it’s been a little while since you heard from us and we are very very excited to tell you guys what is about to happen, because we are bringing this show back, it’s going to be a weekly show, the format is changing and everything we are doing is designed to help you guys get maximum value on your property journey, whether you are new or experienced, we want to deliver and make this your key resource week on week.

So with that in mind we have brought on Mr Richard Swan who is going to be leading this charge. Now Richard as you find out his story shortly, Richard is an absolute professional when it comes to property, he has a fantastic track record and I can honestly think of no one better to lead this new format.

Paul: Yeah Richard is going to be an absolute superstar with this and what I am excited about the new direction with the podcast and what we are going to be doing is that you are going to be getting the most up-to-date and relevant content which is working in the current marketplace, so whatever the market is doing we are going to be making sure that we bring you the most relevant content for you to go out there and actually apply and get some of the knowledge so you can out there and change your property business, even if you are just starting out or if you’re just looking to deal here, a deal there or take it to new heights, we are going to have you covered.

Billy: Now here’s the thing about the show guys, for those of you who have been listening for some time, we’ve had the video version, we’ve had the audio version, from now onwards, for the foreseeable future we are going to focus on audio, we find that our biggest audience, we have 1000s of listeners who tune in via audio when we release a new show, so we are going to go all out to deliver and by switching to audio only it gives us the freedom to do more and more.

Now for those of you who have been listening for some time, you’ll notice that the format of the show has been around high level thinking, so you’ve got Paul and I. Paul and I are your typical entrepreneurs, we like to create chaos and then pass that chaos further down the line to be managed. We’ve spoke about mindset, we’ve spoke about higher level topics, we’ve spoke about all the things we believe to be absolutely vital when it comes to property, where Richard adds a lot of strength to the show is in the detail, is in the moving parts, so what we want to do is where you have some podcasts that focus on the bigger picture and you’ve got others that focus on the detail is that we want to be all of the above to give you the complete picture of what you genuinely need to succeed in property because guys there are massive opportunities out there for those willing to take charge.

So without further ado Mr Swan, how are you?

Richard: Very Well, good to speak to you again Billy, it’s been awhile since being on this podcast…

Billy: Absolutely and you’ve been a guest a couple of times on the show as well….

Richard: Yes, great fun.

Billy: So Richard, what i’d like to do is we want to talk talk to the guys about the ALG Property Network, which you are spearheading, which is all over the country and growing rapidly, we want to talk to the guys about how they can benefit from that, we want to talk to them about what’s happening with the podcast going forward and how it’s going to benefit the people listening, but let’s start with you, so the floor is yours my friend, why don’t you tell us a little bit about who Richard Swan is and your story today.

Richard: Grand, that sounds good. The story involves the typical guy in full-time employment and going through the normal flow of life, as society puts us in, with schools and training and then applying for jobs and working your way up the corporate food chain you know what have you. BUT thankfully we reached that point where we started to look outside and think is this all there is to it, is there other stuff we can be involved in?

Can i take control of my future and that’s where the world of property popped up for myself and funnily enough you talked about the networking events, it was at a networking event that i met the gorgeous and handsome Paul McFadden across the table at an event in Glasgow a long long time ago in the Jury’s Inn hotel.

Paul: I remember it well.

Richard: You remember that night? Was fantastic, was a great meeting as well, good wee event that was run there before you guys launched your own which was brilliant and from that we done some study together, flew down to London to train under Harv Ecker, learned about the millionaire mindset and all of those other lovely topics you just touched upon and that launched the 2 of us going into business together in the world of property and building up our own portfolio, properties across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire, various places, always doing different deals, different investments.

So it’s been great fun, been a great journey and we’ve met more and more people along the way and it’s those people we want to hook into for the podcast going forward. This week in property as you said, changing things, changing the format so it’s purely audio, why? Because that’s how us professionals listen to them, we’re in the car going between business meetings, we’re commuting into offices, we’re maybe going about the house or outside the house walking about, you’ve got your earphones in your ears, you’re doing your exercises at the gym, you’re going for a run, that’s where people catch up with a quality podcast and that’s why we’re doing it, to focus in on that kind of element if you like, that format, so that’s the first thing.

Second thing is, making it more exciting by bringing in more voices to listen to, rather than just a kind of one on one interview format which we might do from time to time don’t get me wrong, we really want to capture the power of a group, we want to have a talk show format, where i’ll be the host, i’ll bring in a small group of people, so it doesn’t get too noisy and we are going to use that power of those minds together, because as we know when you get chatting when you’re in business, when you’re doing deals, when you get people bouncing ideas off each other that’s when the real magic happens.

You know they talk about ideas having sex and it leads on to bigger and better things, i love that whole concept, because you’ve all got your own views, perspectives, experiences and then all of a sudden another wee voice with another wee twist can get you thinking completely differently and we are going to be using that, we are going to be jumping on that power and we’ll be using people that are in the detail that you’ve spoke about, they’re actually doing the work, doing the deals, you know they’re doing the investment, they are in different areas of property and that’s the other fascinating thing, i’m really looking forward to because there are people who are listening who are landlords as will some of these guests panelists be, there are people who are in serviced accommodation.

There are people who source deals, there are people who are agents, letting agents, estate agents, you name it and we’re having all those different experiences come together, i’m really excited about that part of the puzzle and from time to time we are going to put on special guest who are the experts in their fields, who are maybe specialised auctioneers, specialised letting agents in a particular city for example and they’ll have their own perspective, their own experiences and we can bounce that around that group.

So we’ll pick a theme, pick topics that we can centre on, in each show we’ll have something you can get your teeth into and then that group we will let it unfold and it might get a bit hot, might get a bit feisty, couple of arguments you know, which is great.

Paul: Bring It On.

Richard: Bring it own, absolutely, especially when you two are on the show and sometimes there will be agreements or different ideas or one thought process that will take us onto a completely different tangent, so it’s going to be good, it’s going to be good fun.

Billy: So Richard, why is you are looking forward to doing it? What is it makes… cause you really wanted to spearhead this, this is something you wanted to do, you wanted to help people, to deliver to people, coach people, build them up. Could you describe why that’s a passion for you, if that’s possible and then what is it about this show that you feel you’re going to be able to do to help people out?

Richard: Yeah the passion comes from a real, a real desire, in fact it’s a joy first, it’s a joy to listen. I have just finished an event with you guys last week for one of your platinum events with the property academy that you both run and that phenomenal and the real joy i got of that was working with the people in that room, listening to them, hearing their questions, their ideas, the deals they’re on, the things they’re putting together, all the focus points that they have.

I love that and then i love being able to connect, so i’ll hear a particular thing, hear a particular problem and the great thing is, is knowing you’ve got another person that’s got the solution or you’ve got another person that’s got the deal they’re looking for or the opportunity they’re looking for, i just love that to bits, that’s the whole ideas having sex thing i think, so that’s where my passion is going to go.

I’ll know in advance what the topic is going to be, yes i’ll know what the theme is going to be yes and i’ll know what the panelist are going to be, but after that the gates are open and who knows what who’s going to say next, i can’t wait for that, i cannot wait for that. Its great to sit down and speak about your own ideas, but you already know them, you already know your own belief structures, so actually sitting down with a group of people and you don’t know whats going to come out their mouths next, that’s fun, that’s interesting, that’s exciting.

Paul: Richard what i love about when you’ve actually interviewed someone or you’re in a room because you do a lot of training with us, is that you pick out some awesome stuff, you really do. But the best part i love is when you create a little bit of controversy, it’s almost like where it’s okay well, why is it that?

And then you’ve maybe got a couple of people on, which i’m sure you do, where there’s maybe conflicting opinions, which is a good thing! And it’s not that it’s that person is wrong, that person is right, it’s not that. It’s really just to get each other’s ideas, the reasons for and with a lot of things that’s happened in the world of property, some people think this strategy is right, this strategy is wrong or it should be this, you know tax advice that you’re getting and maybe it should be this type of way you should be doing.

Or running your property business or source and these different, you know, there’s so many different moving parts in property and i think whats going to be great with you is how you can pull that out from different people and really get, listen it’s an argument, let’s face it and i think that’ll be great for listening to but, what will happen with you bring that out is that you’ll always pull it back so that the listener is going to get some true value from it, you’ve just got that knack of doing that, so that’s great and i’m looking forward to hearing that from you Richard.

Richard: Definitely yeah, sometimes you need to be the devil’s advocate, sometimes you need to, when you are listening, you’ll hook on a point, what do you mean by that? Explain that, expand that further or well what about the opposite view that we’ve heard and such and then allow that person then take it from there.

Well yeah I’ve heard that before, but i believe such and go into more and more detail and they’ll explain it better and that’s brilliant for a listener because the listener might be travelling in their car or they’re going to a specific meeting or viewing a property and they’re hearing a thousand times before but then all of a sudden but when that person, that panelist is forced to say again or say it differently or expand upon it, it opens up their minds..

Aww that’s the reason behind it and you have this wee light bulb moment, which is always a great thing and it can be confrontational, it can be that devil’s advocate thing which i will play nicely, i’m not going to be any feisty like you Paul, it’s not going to be full on confrontational because i want to understand, its because I’ve got that curiosity, what do you mean by that?

And whether its something I’ve already got knowledge about or not it doesn’t matter and that’s the other great thing that i’m looking forward to with the panelists because you guys know we’ve got people that who are heavily involved in multi-million pound land deals, we’ve got guys who are figuring out how to evict a tenant in a wee single bed place they’ve got in a specific city, we’ve got people who are looking to expand their portfolio, people who have started in serviced accommodation and now they’ve got a cash flow problem, the market, the area, the feelings, the themes are massive and there’s so much we can jump into.

Billy: And here’s the thing, we’re only going to have people on this show, who know what they’re doing, because let’s face it, there’s a lot of voices, i start getting controversial now, but it’s reality, there’s a lot of voices out there, you the advent of social media for example is great, i love social media because it give everybody a voice and i despise social media because it gives EVERYBODY a voice and let’s be honest there’s a lot of people out there who’ve got no flipping idea what they’re talking about and yet they’re so happy for everybody to hear their idea of what they don’t know what they’re talking about, so on the show we’re going to folk on who are actually credible.

Who are genuine, who know what they’re doing and in terms of property experts if you want to call it that, there’s only going to be folks on who are actually doing deals and a lot of folk talk a good game, there’s a lot of folk train a good game and there’s a lot of folk who actually play the game and have a right to sit in these seats and talk about this, so i think that’s absolutely awesome that that’s the direction we are going to take.

Richard: And i’m glad you brought up social media Billy, cause i fully intend to have you on, in one of our shows, we are going to dig into that detail, if you’re up for that?

Billy: I’m game for that

Richard: Get the high level stuff, get the low level stuff that you spoke about, i think that’s a particular area that loads of the listeners are going to be interested in because they’re the same, they are involved in everything, some of them are landlords, some of them are agents, some of them are sourcing deals whatever, but every single one of them, they’ve got to do social media you know in today’s world so i think that’ll be a great topic to jump into and get the dos and dont’s.

Paul: Great stuff, so here’s a little bit of a recap on the podcast in terms of what we are going to be moving into under your stewardship, tell us about the networking events, because that’s going to compliment for sure the podcast, so tell me a little bit about those.

Richard: It does, that’s a great point as well because it compliments it from the panelists point of view and it compliments it from the listener’s point of view as well, so first of all the panelists, some of the panelists are going to be on the show are already superstars as our hosts of the ALG property network event structure that we have got and it’s up and down the country which is great, we’ve just been at one recently in Edinburgh which was fantastic, some of those guys are going to be on the show, we’ve got some just launching in the next couple of weeks funnily enough in Glasgow, Inverness, we’ve got Aberdeen coming up, loads and loads of places…

Billy: Canterbury, East Kent

Richard: Yup down south, loads of stuff down south. Speaking to some guys from the midlands areas, we’re targeting, researching some of the cities such as Birmingham, Nottingham and so on and sunny wales come up at the weekend as well that would be a really nice one to get going to as well. And what is it? Oh great another event, another network event, oh no no no, this is the ALG way of doing things, this is totally, totally different and Edinburgh really proved that for us just the other week there, great fun and very very engaging, i’m sure the listeners are just sick to death of going along to these events as they’re called and they’re just bored out their minds, they’re getting forced to sit down in their seats as if they’re naughty school children.

Be quiet and listen to this person at the front and they listen to that person at the front and might sometimes be good, a lot of the times its not, its just rehashed material and then that’s it, yeah they’re asked to have a drink at the bar and shake hands and swap business cards, thanks for coming, thanks for your money and let’s try and upsell you and stuff like that.

No, that’s not the way we do things, full engagement is what we do and we make it fun, we make it exciting, for example at the Edinburgh one we broke the ice, it’s the first thing we do at our events, so if you’re a listener who maybe is a novice or you’ve maybe been at the game a wee while and you’re still feeling a bit awkward about going to a networking event or some kind of professional event or i don’t want to go there.

I’ve got no one to take with me, i need to go myself or maybe it’s just two or three of us, i’m not sure what to do or what’s expected of me, don’t worry we’ll lead you by the hand, we’ll bring you into our parties and make you feel very very welcome, we’ll break the ice like we do with our entire audience in a real fun way, i’ll lay out too many secrets but we had a fantastic time at Edinburgh and everyone gets a fun, nice, natural way of meeting other people there and that’s when business flies, that’s when opportunities show up, when you connect these different people together.

So you get that going, then we’ve got these top speakers and we had a fantastic speaker at Edinburgh all about the power of negotiating and you guys know that is a skill which has got to be used, i spoke about social media earlier, but negotiation i mean how many times are you using that, you’re using that everywhere..

Billy: With your children, your partner.

Richard: With your children, aye in your personal world oh my goodness, in the business world, particular deals, bigger deals, launching companies, joint venture, you name it. It was a fantastic thing to do and as usual the guys did it in style, it was very well done, really funny, really interesting, really engaging and fascinating and the audience there got a lot from it, absolutely tonnes of content and material from it. When then push onto other things, we have group discussions, we get the entire audience engaged because we want to know everyone’s opinion, we want to connect people, it’s not about sitting like a naughty school child and listening to someone that’s boring, your brain isn’t moving.

Billy: Equally it’s not about sitting still..

Richard: Correct, correct.

Billy: Its the fact you mentioned the ALG way of doing things, this is why we brought you in Richard because you’re the man when it comes to being open. Paul and i are kind of bulldozers sometimes with what we do, we’re like you’re not taking action? Get your shit together and get moving, come on, let’s do this, whereas you can be a bit more of a politician about it, a bit more level headed, right so that’s what i love about how you’re leading this and you’re absolutely the man for it.

Because where we might be a bit more full on and at the other end of the scales you’ve got the other networking events which turn into the “Social Club”, these are going to be very middle ground, where people can actually come there, who want to progress, who want to move forward, who want to take action and as much as they’ve got that come on let’s push, they’ve also got that pat in the back.

Richard: Yes, that’s right and they want to help each other, you know they’ve actually got a desire to help each other, to hook up. Oh you needing a builder? Oh you needing a deal in Dundee? Aye excellent, i know someone and that’s what we really found from the events that we are running already, people are very, once you open up, once you show them, listen we’re here to help you, you can help each other as well, that’s when they open up, we really found that with the atmosphere.

Paul: Yeah, this is great and this is a real key point i want our listeners to get is that truth of the matter is a lot of people have experienced attending a networking event, it could be a business networking event, a property networking event and you can’t say that they’re all the same, you just can’t unfortunately the majority are and that’s why they don’t enjoy the networking experience.

Hey i don’t particularly enjoy the networking experience either but if you’ve got the right hosts doing the format that we’ve done successfully and the feedback has been phenomenal from the guests it truly doesn’t become the same as the other networking events and because of the stuff we do at the beginning to make people feel you know, welcome, to really start to get, you know the little games and stuff that really just starts to get people at ease and open up and want to do business and that’s the key.

It’s like what you said there, its hooking people up, connecting people and if you’re just new and starting out in property it’s a great platform, here the best platform if you’re just starting out in property is the podcast, listen to this without a shadow of a doubt, you know back in the day for me when i got started was trying to find a book here and a book there but there wasn’t that much, now we’ve got so much online it’s awesome and when you get the right podcast i mean that you can tune into and get so much good knowledge, you know from good people but then the next step to take your business forward.

You know i always talk about your network is your net worth, you know when you go to networking events, you’re going to meet really people, it’s great listening to them on a podcast but when you’re in person, that’s where you can see, where you can speak to 3 or 4, 5 maybe more people at the networking event and you start ticking boxes, i’m going to connect with that person, that person had some synergy there, that person over i can definitely refer some business to, that person of there we could do business together, I’ve got a deal and he’s talking about that it’s in his location or if you’re just new to property and you go along there you’re going to have people who are wanting to share their information and give you some knowledge and help you on your journey.

So you can be a seasoned pro or just an absolute beginner and with our networking events, hey I’m sure there’s other networking events out there as well but without networking events and hey this is the point of the call anyway, i mean we’re on this podcast talking about ours is that you’ll truly feel at home and you will want to come back again and you will see the benefits from it and it will not become a social club because it’s growing and again with the hosts that we’ve got up and down the country and its only expanding and we could rhyme off all the different cities and places that we are doing the networking events but they’re just growing constantly and we’ve got great people who are going to be running those events along with your support Richard, so it’s great.

Richard: It is, its really good and we found that with the audience straight away, there was a great mixture, they were complete novices who just done that, they just read a book, or they’re in their job and they’re a wee bit sick of it, they’re a bit scared of their pension, what’s this property stuff? What’s this investing stuff? So i had a few chats with them, there was another kind of level up, not another level up, that’s not fair, but like another different area where there was some young people there who were students who had been left with accommodation that their parents had bought for them from just being around uni, so they were accidental landlords as we call them and you know they wanted to, you know what do i do now? Do i just jack this in?

Do i sell up? Do i move onto something else? Do i accelerate my growth? And then there were people there, i mean there was one guy in particular who is very high level in corporate banking and funds and investment funds and overseas investments, just a whole variation which was remarkable and it was a very very powerful event and a great group and loads of people helping each other, you know so it’s great to see and you can find more info about that and its a fantastic resource and that’s what the listeners should do as Paul says, tune in, get the resources in your ears from the podcast but then when you want to step outside into the real world and connect with people find one of our events close by.

Billy: Brilliant, fantastic okay guys, Richard, we’ve spoke about the networking events, we have spoken about the new direction of the podcast, everything we are doing here is to help folk, new and experienced because i tell you what, if it’s one thing we know, it’s what’s possible and what i can say from the bottom of my heart is that where some people don’t believe it’s right for them or they’re right for it or they’re wealth thermostat is low, or they let other people hold them back.

The good opinion of other people so to speak, a lot of folk have self imposed stuff in the way of what they want to achieve, but what we are here to say and the underlying foundation of our beliefs under everything we do is that anyone can do it, it’s possible and no matter where you are, if a thing is humanly possible, consider it to be within your reach, so that is what we are doing here, the network, the podcast, the academy, everything. So Richard is there anything else you would like to throw in or are we good to go on?

Richard: We are very good to go on, what i would say is actually that if any listeners, we have got a whole list of themes and topics that we’re going to jump into, I’ve got them mapped out just now and there’s some fantastic stuff that we’re going to get our teeth into, if any of our listeners and we’re here to serve, we’re here for you that’s exactly what you’ve just said, if just now you’ve got any ideas or as you listen to the shows, that give you ideas, like i wish they would cover this or such and such, get in touch you know, we’re here for you, we’re live listening and you’re listening into us.

We will listen to you, so if you’ve got any feedback and stuff that you want to do, jump onto our Facebook pages, get some comments in there, send us an email, drop us online, get in touch on Linkedin, whatever and we’ll put that together for you, but get prepared, get prepared to listen to some nice, fun, engaging material with some fantastic panels and some fascinating topics and we’re there to serve you.

OK so, what i will say is, we’ll wind up this show turning me from the guest into the host and i want to thank you listeners for today’s show and my, let’s call them now guests that i’ve had in today, i want to thank the directors, well two of the directors from ALG, i want to thank Billy Farrell and Paul McFadden for their time here, we will definitely get these guys back on cause i want to dig into more of their skills, so i look forward to hearing their voices in the future.

If you want to hook up with the guys and get in touch with them or any of the other links or resources then check them out in the show notes for this particular episode. We mentioned the property network events and as ever if you go to you can find some of the high level networking events that are in your area coming close to you and if you’re just starting your property journey or you want to take it further then head over to and you can check out the resources available there.

That’s all for today, thanks for tuning in and i’ll see you in our next show.

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