Business – a ‘commercial activity’, ‘an activity that someone is engaged in’

Those are some of the dictionary descriptions for what business is.

In one particular area of business, I personally came together with 3 other gentlemen: Paul McFadden, Barry McEwan, and Ian Brierley, to get involved in property investing many years ago.

Very quickly, and ever since that time, it became something much more than just business…

In this special video edition episode, that group of 4 business partners and dear friends, sat down to chat.

No agenda, no topics, and no preconceived ideas.

Different people, different locations around the UK, different ages, different backgrounds, and different starting points.

But all connected at the outset with a common goal and common intentions.

Very quickly, that path evolved into a relationship much more than just business.

The chat was immediately very open, very honest, and often funny.

The group discussed the ins and outs of the ventures, the problems and challenges faced, how decisions are made, how problems are solved, and how those basic business bonds have strengthened into a tight friendship.

Property, investment, business, outlooks, family, and life.

It’s all covered in the chat.

And it’s all very much more than just business…



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