For over 40 years now, there has been a mystical product/service in the financial industry that has managed to keep the secrets of its amazing flexibility and power hidden from the general public.

A financial solution so far reaching and powerful to business owners that once they get to hear about it and understand the options it gives, they can’t quite believe it exists, can’t believe it’s legal, and can’t believe it’s fully endorsed and backed by HMRC itself.

That product is known as a SSAS.

And in today’s show, the mystique of the SSAS was laid bare by expert Paul Barry.

  • Hear about the greatest kept secret in the world of finance, business, and pensions
  • Learn about the remarkable power of raising finance, using finance, leverage, and tax benefits that a SSAS can bring you
  • Learn how to invest in your own business, invest in other businesses, and buy assets directly
  • Learn about the incredible scope in the property world that a SSAS can get involved in
  • The ability to tap into those poorly underperforming personal and corporate pension schemes that have previously been kept away from your expert business hands



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